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Remove backgrounds from fuzzy hair, fur, and difficult color

In the world of professional photography, capturing the perfect shot is every artist’s goal. When it comes to hair photography, achieving a flawless image can be a bit more challenging due to the presence of distracting backgrounds that may take away from the focus on the hair itself. This is where the technique of background removal comes in to save the day. In this article, we will explore the art and importance of background removal in hair photography. Enhancing Focus on the Hair: To truly showcase the beauty and intricacy of different hairstyles, it is important to remove any distractions found in the background of the image. Background removal allows photographers to isolate the subject, be it a gorgeous hairstyle or an exquisite hair accessory, and create a clean and captivating composition. By eliminating unnecessary elements, the viewer’s attention is effortlessly drawn to the main subject. Highlighting Precision and Detail: Background removal techniques enable photographers to emphasize the precision and detail in hair photography.

Spending all day editing sucks the passion out of your valuable work

Stray hairs, flyaways, or intricate patterns can often get lost amidst busy backgrounds, but with background removal, these minute details can be brought into focus. By isolating the hair from its surroundings, the photographer can portray the subject with clarity, enhancing the overall impact of the image.

Creating Versatility and Adaptability: Background removal provides photographers the opportunity to experiment with various settings and visuals.

After the hair is separated from its original background, it can be placed against a multitude of different backgrounds or even blended with other images, giving photographers the creative freedom to create unique compositions.

This versatility allows for a wide range of possibilities, ensuring that the final result is tailor-made to meet the photographer’s artistic vision.


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If your photos don’t look like professional, you didn’t attract the right target market. No one’s going to look at a picture and consider the product if the picture doesn’t look like professional. 


We will provide Photoshop clipping path services to edit your image and changing the background of anything requires a clipping path through Photoshop. If more beautiful this clipping path, then more interesting your picture will look. 

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Check out our beautiful clipping path projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Images Masking services?

Maintaining Consistency: Background removal is not only about enhancing the visual appeal of a hair photograph but also ensuring consistency and professionalism in a portfolio or a brand’s image. When multiple images with different background elements are presented together, it can create disharmony and distractions. By removing the backgrounds and presenting the hair subjects in a consistent manner, a cohesive and unified portfolio or brand image is maintained.

   Great for:

  • The background eraser tool
  • Hand-drawn clipping paths
  • The channel mask
  • The color separation technique
  • The magic eraser tool

Background removal has become an essential tool in the art of hair photography. It allows photographers to emphasize the beauty, precision, and detail of hairstyles by removing distractions and creating a clean and captivating composition. Furthermore, background removal offers creative versatility, enabling photographers to experiment with different backgrounds and maintain consistency in their portfolios or brand images. By harnessing the power of background removal, hair photographers can truly showcase the stunning world of hair in all its glory.

How much do image masking services cost?

Due to the fact that no two picture masking jobs are the comparable, the rates for each project differ.

The price is determined by the total number of sections that require masking, the difference between the object and its background, and the color of the background (since it is more difficult to separate things that are similar in color to the background).


Each image is unique, but we adhere to common price guidelines to ensure that your charge is always obvious and objective, even if you work with a different designer. Here’s an overview of the various types of image masking projects:

  1. Basic image masking projects – 69¢ per image

If more beautiful this hair masking, then more interesting your picture will look. If the hair masking is bad then your picture will lose its attractiveness which will adversely affect your online business.

    Great for:

  • Glassware
  • Clothing with a fringed hem
  • Transparent or translucent empty containers
  • Handbags, clutches, and jewelry with tassels
  • Eyeglasses

 2. Simple image masking projects – 90¢ per image

The majority of photos fall into this group, accounting for over half of all image masking orders at Path. Because more of the object’s area has hairy or fuzzy edges, or the object has complicated, smooth edges, these photos are a little more involved than “basic” ones.

    Great for:

  • Fur-lined boots
  • Translucent gemstones
  • One person with a head of hair in a photo
  • Topiaries and simple floral arrangements in opaque vases
  • A stuffed animal

 3. Medium complexity image masking projects – $1.20 per image

This is the second most used project type for image masking. These photos may have fur or hair covering the entire topic, or they may have varied amounts of transparency around the edges or area of the object.

    Great for:

  • Two people in a photo
  • A sweater with fuzzy or furry edges
  • A furry animal, such as a dog, cat, or hamster
  • Sheer curtains and drapes
  • A wedding veil
  • A grouping of simple items
  • Items of clothing with more complex shapes and curves

 4. Complex image masking projects – $1.50 per image

Images in this category may have many people (or animals) in a single photograph. Images with shadows or numerous backdrop colors may also fall into this category because they necessitate the employment of multiple image masking techniques.

    Great for:

  •  More animals in a single photo
  • More than two people in a photo
  • A complicated surface with lots of holes
  • A soccer net

 5.  Super complex image masking projects – $2.00 per image

Only a few picture masking projects are exceedingly complicated. These graphics feature complicated boundaries and necessitate a variety of image masking techniques.

    Great for:

  • Translucent objects shot against a multi-colored background
  • Pine needles or wreaths
  • Feathers
  • Large groups of people

So, it is necessary to make sure hair masking nicely. That’s why we make hair masking services through skilled designers. Which plays an important role to make your image attractive and increasing your online business reach and make sure your customers stick around.

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We provide 100% handmade photo editing services to use photoshop. So you will get great quality services. always try to deliver your order within 24 hours or less.

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We are a corporation that specializes in clipping path services. In addition to clipping services, we provide a variety of photo editing services to our clients. Clipping path, background removal, picture masking, and other eCommerce image editing services are all provided by our skilled editors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you outsource your post-production projects with us, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions and doubts.

How much should I budget ?

At Clipping Buzz, Our Company is based on a low labor cost region. So, we give our clients the best in the premium post-production solutions at a very reasonable price. Getting a perfect combination of quality editing service.

Can I get a free trial first ?

Yeah!   In fact, we always strongly suggest you go for the free trial first. After you are satisfied with our quality work and reasonable pricing then handover the project to us not before then. We are offer you up to 10 images for the free trial which is the most in the market. Go to the free trial page and proper fill-up the form, upload your file, and hit the submit button.

What are the appropriate image formats working with you team ?

We accept any type of image format you will see and after completing the work you can get the files in any format do you want.

Do you have a quality assurance process ?

We have a 3 step Quality control Assurance process. Where we rarely mistake any error before send the files to you. So you can get uncompromising quality for each and every file.

How can I upload and download the images ?

You can upload your files any cloud storage medium and just send us your file link or location. After we finish worked your files you can receive your files through the same cloud storage medium.

What is the turnaround time ?

We offer the fastest turnaround time for image post-production services. An exact time depends on the file quantity, the quality of file that you want, and the complexity that the files demand. So when you claim free trial for your images we respond with an estimated time for the delivery of that same type of files.

Do you do urgent deliveries ?

Yes, we are emergency delivered your work. We have a specialized team of designer with high skill and experience to maintain the premium quality image editing.

Do you have any discounts ?

Sure! We have a big discounts for bulk order customers. It can be up to 25% – 30% off—the rates for clients who work with us and wish to process more than 12,000+ images monthly. You may contact with our managers and we are given several discount codes throughout the month.

What is the payment system ?

We accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfer and you can set up a monthly payment system for Enterprise Clients.

Do I need to make a deposit ?

Don`t  rush!  Clipping Buzz has two option to you can make payment when you submitting the order or only accepts your payment if you are 100% satisfied with our wonk. But made payment before is most priority.

If I am not satisfied with your images ?

We have rarely customers who are unhappy with our final work. Don`t worry, just send us an email to our customer support and our team will have it double checked right away and fix any type of errors you might have ASAP. This service is also complementary, and you didn’t have need to pay anything extra.

All my images safe and secure with Clipping Buzz ?

Your images are 100% safe with us. We are always agreed to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Image copyright of our client is our highest priority. We will not share or provide or use images of our customers. We also have protective firewalls on all our equipment to identify Copyright theft for our customers.

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